The Chair of Economic Geography and Spatial Economics together with the Department of Economic Theory (Poland)

Faculty of Economics, University of Opole (Poland)

Student Scientific Association for Sustainable Development oikos Opole (Poland)

Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz (Germany)

Research Institute at Siauliai University (Lithuania)

The Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP)

The Polish Association of Environmental and Natural Resource Economists




Dr Bartosz Fortuński (University of Opole, Poland), e-mail:

Dr Monika Paradowska (University of Opole, Poland), e-mail:

Mgr Mateusz Musiał (University of Opole, Poland)

DI Markus Will (Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Germany)

Dr Agnieszka Dembicka – Niemiec (University of Opole, Poland)

Eng. Sebastian Marcinkowski (University of Opole, Poland)

Prof. Janusz Słodczyk (University of Opole, Poland)

Prof. Joost Platje (WSB University in Wrocław, Poland)

Marcelina Tacica (oikos Opole, University of Opole)

Jessica Moritz (oikos Opole, University of Opole, Poland)

Monika Emerling (oikos Opole, University of Opole, Poland)

Tomasz Mróz (oikos Opole, University of Opole, Poland)

Magdalena Nowik (oikos Opole, University of Opole, Poland)

Natalia Janik (oikos Opole, University of Opole, Poland)

Elżbieta Kuźniak-Król (oikos Opole)


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